• Suraj Kumar

Story of our farmers....

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan...


To a common man, land is just a place where we work. But for a farmer, its much more than that.

L — Life

A — Ambition

N — Native

D — Determination.

So the moment farmer lose his land, he lose his life, ambition,native and determination.

In short words, he lose everything.”

Government spend huge amount of money in farming sector but still farmers situation are same. The situation of farmers will not only change by giving money to them but changes can be done only by educating them.

Farmers are not educated enough to understand the nature of their own soil. They only know how to raise a crop and are unaware of how to raise an effective crop. They are afraid to make any changes to their land, the kind of seeds and fertilizers they use, and to the methods of farming they prefer due to lack of financial support and appropriate guidance

Farmers from different villages openly accept that they are ready to implement any changes that would benefit their farm. So it is pretty clear that the problem does not lie with the farmers. A medium needs to be created where farmers can be educated about their farms.

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