• Suraj Kumar

At last, visited my village after long time..

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

I am a person who though spent entire life in cities is very much attached to ruler villages, life over there and people in village.

From past 10year never visited to my village because never got such free time from study and job but today 2nd time within 3 months i visited to my village. i talked to farmers and wanted to know impact to them due to covid-19. We don’t know the situation of farmers because we are sitting in cities and easily getting food. Situation of farmers are getting worsen day by day not only by covid-19 but also not getting proper value for production and wastage due to unusual rain. I could not helped them all but able to help some of them.

I purchased mangoes from them and noticed huge difference between price in cities and farm. I think huge difference in price only due to lack of knowledge and middlemen add profit up to 75 per cent of the entire chain. Gaining from these profits, the middlemen deprive farmers and consumers of a fair price.

Thus comes a massive opportunity for agritech startups in India.

Opportunities lie in areas like how to increase crop production, improving the nutritional value of the crops, reduction in input prices for farmers and improving the overall process-driven supply chain.

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